Vaggelis Choursoglou’s distinctive visual idiom interweaves personal recollections and found imagery with references to art history, street art and primitive culture in compositions that unfold into complex narratives which propel us to contemplate on the urban environment and its interrelation with the human being.

He uses color chaotically as a means of presenting current realities and their infinite possibilities and interpretations. His palettes can be bright, subdued, cool or warm, similarly to his stance over the current reality. He sees a reality that stimulates, oppresses, depresses and encourages.

He has also developed a more personal style of naïve aesthetic form yet retaining an intense expressionistic nature.

Developed through the creation of graffiti, murals, installations, paintings, sculptures, his work is eventually a ritualistic performance of synthesis of a contemporary primitive language; this is the only language for him that can express the current life.

Born in Athens, Greece, he graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts in 2010. Shortly after, in 2011, he presented his first solo exhibition in London (Lazaridis gallery). Starting his artistic activity as a muralist and progressively moving into paintings, land-art sculptures and installation work, Vaggelis has been commissioned by many Greek Institutions including the Social Institution Alexander, Onassis Cultural Centre, the Athens Concert Hall, the Costopoulos Foundation, the French Institute. He has also curated the project Chromopolis for the Olympic Games of 2004. His murals can be seen in many cities around the world including London, Shenzhen, Lisbon, Berlin, Paris.

Selected Solo exhibitions: “Metropolitani Indiani”, Athens (2016), “I hope for nothing”, Berlin (2016), “Underworld”, Zurich (2017).

Selected Group exhibition projects: “Tabula Rasa”, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberger, Germany (2011), China International Mural Excibition, Dafen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China (2012).


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